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Cookies and me, man,
have a love-hate relationship.
I love to love 'em, you see,
and they love to hate
my waistline,
my heart,
my health overall.
Sometimes, though, late at night
when I'm the only one awake,
it's all I can do to keep from
eating a whole bag of them,
tears rolling down plump cheeks,
as I feel alone and without friends.
I love cookies for being there
whenever I need comfort, even briefly.
They hate everyone because of their
unhealthy side effects and
addictive properties.
:iconcassildra:Cassildra 4 2
Being a random glory,
the sky slowly darkens
as the storm rolls in.
Lightning arcs across
from cloud to cloud,
and near-constant thunder
shatters the heavens
with rolling, unending
:iconcassildra:Cassildra 4 10
A long, slow sip
from the fountain of lust
has brought us here,
the sweet wine of passion
sweet and light on the tongue,
yet heady, making me drunk
on you, your body, your mind,
the sexiest thing about you.
:iconcassildra:Cassildra 0 4
Randomness 4
Being hungover
without drinking
the night before is
totally unfair.
:iconcassildra:Cassildra 0 4
Who Needs Sleep?
Staring at the clock,
listening to it tick--
I should be asleep,
but instead I sit,
staring, staring,
as the second hand
moves along in
the tiniest stumbles--
a drunken atom making
his staggering way home.
:iconcassildra:Cassildra 1 13
When I grow up,
I want to be
a ballerina astronaut
dancing among the stars.
As I twirl in my tutu
in the planetarium lobby,
I fall, twisting my ankle.
Such dreams are no more.
When I graduate high school,
I want to go to college
to become a teacher, perhaps,
or a webpage designer
able to put dreams on screen.
However, when I start
missing class due to migraine,
I know these castles in the clouds
are not to be.
When I feel better,
I want to be
a writer of tales
that send shivers down spines,
poetry that takes
breaths away.
As weeks stretch into months into years,
I wonder if I will ever
be able to be what I want to be.
I write anyway, praying
to gods I don't truly feel,
endorphins released to
make me feel better about
myself.  I am working
as hard as I can, what with
body chemicals dictating
how I live my life.
:iconcassildra:Cassildra 1 3
Mature content
A Little Respect, Please :iconcassildra:Cassildra 0 2
Kissing the sun
This new lightness,
as if I have wings,
is freeing and terrifying.
I feel as if I've lost the
worst parts of myself,
full of anger and hatred and fear.
Those things tied me to the ground;
spreading my wings,
I soar into the sky and kiss the sun,
Icarus' warning be damned.
:iconcassildra:Cassildra 1 2
Senryu ...3? 4?
It is frustrating
trying to train oneself
out of bad habits
:iconcassildra:Cassildra 0 1
Many people assume
blue is always sad,
but let me remind you
of clear sky,
the bright blue
of His eyes, and
the beauty of slate roofs
in the light of
the setting sun.
:iconcassildra:Cassildra 0 0
Dear Migraine
Dear migraine,
Someday I hope
you and me
become less intimate
You see, I am
so very weary of
being a Responsible Adult
because of you:
the Decent Bed Times,
the lack of
Caffeine After Noon,
living in a
No Partying Zone.
Any time these laws are
ignored or otherwise broken,
or sometimes for
no reason at all,
I am punished,
most severely,
might I add,
by you.
You, with your
wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey bullshit,
the way the walls tilt like
a quicksand building
caught and drowning,
or the way I
spin in a nauseous
full of shifting tides
and hourglass words.
dear migraine,
please, find someone else
to torment. I have
lived under your
iron fist long enough.
:iconcassildra:Cassildra 3 4
In dreams
Caught up in the
never-ending dance,
choosing the wrong dress
can be disastrous.
:iconcassildra:Cassildra 0 2
Randomness 3?
Oh body mine,
what's with the hate?
Pain shouldn't be
this constant.
:iconcassildra:Cassildra 0 2
By its very definition
glee is opening yourself
to joy.
Remembering this fact
is sometimes difficult
when all around
is hatred and depression.
Watching the news
makes me cry;
but remembering that
Friendship is Magic
keeps me sane.
:iconcassildra:Cassildra 0 4
Senryu 2
today is full of tired
i have no energy
body please recover
:iconcassildra:Cassildra 0 2
Randomness 2
Up and down,
in and out;
from depression to joy
...and they say I'm not bipolar
:iconcassildra:Cassildra 0 2
Stuff I've created.


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Stuff wot I would like to have. I realize random kindness of strangers is unlikely, but I can put this here without feeling like a tool, right...?




Thu Sep 12, 2013, 1:17 AM
Not dead.  Just flaring a lot.  I'm sorry I've not been around like usual.


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Hi, I found you via the Critique thread in the Literature forum. I'm not used to critiquing haiku, but I really, really like this piece...


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